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In Indian mythology "MANTRA" have lot of mythological significance. By chanting or listening to mantras, we bow with respect to the lord of that particular planet and seek their blessings. It is written in Hindu Vedas that if a person chants Mantra everyday for 108 times it never goes vain, sooner or later it gives result. Worship of planets is very effective measure to propitiate him. YANTRA are activated by mantras, as its effect gets multiplied if it is performed before Yantra. While chanting mantras one should have control over ethos or conduct, contemplation & behavior. Thus Mantras helps to wade off the evil effect of planets.

PLANETS                                       MANTRA                
SUN                                             Om Ghrinih Suryaya Namah
MOON                                        Om Som Samaya Namah
MARS                                         Om Ang Angarakay Nahah
MERCURY                                Om Bum Budhaya Nahah
JUPITOR                                   Om Vrin Brihaspataya Nahah
VENUS                                       Om Shun Shukraya Namah
SATURN                                    Om shan Shanaishararaya Namah
RAHU                                         Om Raan Rahave Namah
KETU                                          Om Ken Ketawe Namah

      “The death of God represents not only the realization that gods have never existed, but the contention that such a belief is no longer even irrationally possible: that neither reason nor the taste and temper of the times condones it. The belief lingers on, of course, but it does so like astrology or a faith in a flat earth.” ---William H. Gass quotes
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